May 27, 2018- The New Guy

So we are adding a member to GoodnightGoodnight!  Larry Evans, most recently of Smug Brothers is now playing bass for us.  I think the first time that I met Larry was at HoliDayton 2015.  We played first that year.  There were only a couple dozen people at the bar when we took the stage.  Immediately after the set, Larry introduced himself to me.  We talked about a lot of bands that we were both in to.  He suggested that I check out several bands that I hadn't heard.  Turns out he was right on pretty much all of his suggestions.  Anyway, we've kept in touch, checked out each other's bands live, hung out several times at other shows... After the split of Smug Brothers, our mutual friend, Dr J suggested that we talk to Larry about joining us.  After a couple of months playing together and getting to know each other's work habits, etc, we have all agreed that Larry would be a great fit with GoodnightGoodnight.  We are very excited about the direction that Larry has taken with our music.  His first show with us will be at The South Park Tavern on June 9.  Hope to see you there!


June 3, 2018- You're Old

Yeah, some days I wake up and think "Why am I doing this?  Aren't I a bit old for this?" Pretty much without exception, the answer in my head is always the same.  What is too old?  I spent the majority of my life playing music.  I took a  few years to help raise my kids with Amanda.  I still went to local shows,  major concerts, bought and listened to all types of music.  I never felt old doing those things.  And to be sure, I don't feel old now.  My kid thinks that it's strange to have parents that play music at venues and bars all around the Midwest and East Coast.  I think that is what makes me wake up with thoughts of being "too old."  Most of my twenties and thirties were spent having panic attacks, usually due to thinking I was having a heart attack or some other potentially fatal issue.  I still get those, but not as often.  Playing music with people regardless of age, or any other factor for that matter, eases those feelings up.  If I were to die tomorrow, I wouldn't regret much.  I enjoy my life.  I enjoy being around other people.  I LOVE music.  It has the power to really make things better.  I hope to let you know in 40 years what it's like playing music when I am old.


So, we are going to start a blog on the page.  Looking for suggestions for the name of the blog.  Also, we would love to hear what you'd like us to discuss. It can be anything, not just band related.  Just message us through the page and let us know.  We will not add you to any mailing list.  Although, if you would like to be on our email list, we would be happy to sign you up!