​​9-5-15 Oregon Express, Dayton, OH
The Story Changes, Bribing Senators,
and Sommersault

9-11-15 Peach's, Yellow Spring, OH
A Sweet Sound and Scarecrow Sideshow

9-19-15 Lamplighter, Kalamazoo, MI
Lucious Fox and The Functional Citizens

9-26-15  The Blue Parrot, Charleston, WV
Tears of Olympus and Four Skulls

10-8-15 Canal Public House, Dayton, OH
Feral Conservatives

10-10-15 Backstage Cafe, Covington, KY
Lockjaw and LeiMen

10-31-15 Canal Public House, Dayton, OH
Label Me Lecter

11-4-15 Taffy's, Eaton, OH                             Kick Engine

11-14-15 Peach's, Yellow Springs, OH
The Story Changes, Functional Citizens, and
Scarecrow Sideshow

11-20-15 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH
Hathorne Heights, Good English, Bribing Senators, Jasper the Colossal, Vifolly, You vs Yesterday, Crosley Court, and Second Story Anthem

11-21-15 Tapouts, Hamilton, OH
The Lie and Scarecrow Sideshow

12-7-15 Skully's Music Diner, Columbus, OH
Echo Mecca, Bow Echo, and Four Skulls

12-26-15 Blind Bob's, Dayton, OH
The Story Changes, The 1984 Draft, Moira, Bribing Senators, The New Old-Fashioned,
Jetty Bones, The Tombstone Tremblers, and
PJ and Tommy (The Motel Beds)

12-27-15 Madison Theater, Covington, KY

1-16-16 Canal Public House, Dayton, OH
Echo Mecca, Mackenzie Prosser, and
Scarecrow Sideshow

2-27-16 Oregon Express, Dayton, OH
Praey and Crosley Court

2-29-16 Taffy's, Eaton, OH
The Receiver

4-8-16 Blind Bob's, Dayton, OH
Starving in the Belly of the Whale,
Hope Arthur, and Maria  and Burris

4-16-16 Garden Station, Dayton, OH
Paige Beller, The Repeating Arms,
Adam Elfers and Army of Love, and
Nicholas and the Pessimistics

4-29-16 Oregon Express, Dayton, OH
Echo Mecca and E[p]DE

5-14-16 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH
Sideshow 11

5-27-16 Oscar's, Vandalia, OH
The Story Changes and Good Luck Year

6-4-16 Oregon Express, Dayton, OH
Echo Mecca and Crosley Court

6-5-16 Louie's Backroom, Kalamazoo, MI
The Fuctional Citizens, Table for Three, and LVRS

6-9-16 Fat Baby, NYC, NY
Barefoot Folly and That's Right

6-10-16 Norfolk Taproom, Norfolk, VA
The Feral Conservatives

6-11-16 Acoustic Coffeehouse, Johnson City, TN

6-16-16 Jimmies Ladder 11, Dayton, OH
Good Luck Year and Coming Up for Air

6-25-16 Blind Bob's, Dayton, OH
Praey, Curse of Cassandra, and
Electro Cult Circus

7-22-16 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH
Hawthorne Heights, You vs Yesterday, Duderus, ​Jasper the Colossal, The 1984 Draft, Crosley Court, Hold Your Breath, and Bribing Senators

8-13-16 Oregon Express, Dayton, OH
Wild Mountain Berries

8-14-16 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH
Kris N, The 1984 Draft, Tod Weidner,
Zane and the Sway,  and McGuff and the
Dumpster Fires

8-26-16 Jimmies Ladder 11, Dayton, OH
The Meal Tickets and Kings and Queens

9-22-16 Blind Bob's, Dayton, OH
Echo Mecca, Praey, and Odd Hours

10-6-16 HD Beans and Brew, Cincinnati, OH
Echo Mecca and Praey

11-19-16 Rake's End, Cincinnati, OH
Echo Mecca, Square Syntax, and
Liquid Hologram

12-30-16 Blind Bob's, Dayton, OH
​The Story Changes, Brandon Hawk, Me and 
Mountains, The 1984 Draft, Sidekick Complex, Bribing Senators, and C Wright's Parlour Tricks

1-7-17 Peach's, Yellow Springs, OH
Echo Mecca

1-21-17 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH
Kelly Hanas, Jill and Micah, Jetty Bones, 
Good Luck Year, Yikes! A Band, Paige Beller,
and Charlie Jackson

2-11-17 The Ranch, Athens, OH
Echo Mecca, Mild Movements, Kashmerik,
and Comisar and Toy

3-3-17 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH
The 1984 Draft, The Smug Brothers, Forage,
Hay Maker Riot, Cold Sore, Primatives,
XL 427,  Tender Mercy, Yardboss, Novagold,
Kyle Sowash, and Actual Form

4-7-17 Grove Studios, Ypsilanti, MI
The Cig Butts

5-1-17 Jimmie's Ladder 11, Dayton, OH
CaveofSwords and Praey

5-13-17 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH
Scarecrow Sideshow, Death By Fetish, Abertooth Lincoln, Founding Fathers, Far From Eden, Evil Eyed Gypsy, Winchester Gray, Cherry Lee and the Hotrod Hounds, Rich Man's Trick, Dark Backward, Whiskey For Kids, Cricketbows, The Nautical Theme, The Wretched Few, Dead Tuth, Zane and the Sway, Kyleeen Downs, Thank the Maker, Trey Stone and the Ringers, The New Old Fashioned, Salvador Ross, Bribing Senators, and RIND

5-20-17 Oregon Express, Dayton, OH
Literary Squirrel and Rite of Venus

5-26-17 Stanley's Pub, Cincinnati, OH
Brothers Airborne and SInnet

6-17-17 Blufton Fireworks Festival, Blufton, OH

6-21-17 Elbow Room, Chicago, IL
Eric Tessmer and Eye Candy

6-29-17  Cafe Bourbon St, Columbus, OH
Mild Movements and Echo Mecca

7-22-17 Jimmie's Ladder 11, Dayton, OH 
Founding Fathers and The Turbos

7-29-17 Adjust Your Eyes Festival, Cincinnati, OH

8-3-17 Rake's End, Cincinnati, OH
​Square Syntax

​8-5-17 Clifton Opera House, Clifton, OH
Scarecrow Sideshow

9-8-17  Peach's Grill, Yellow Springs, OH
Charlie Jackson and Starving In the Belly of the Whale

9-9-17 Mansfield Music Fest, Mansfield, OH

9-22-17 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH
Hawthorne Heights, Vifolly, The Night Beast, Crosley Court, Cinema Century, You vs Yesterday, RIND, Save the Lost Boys, and Sidekick Complex

9-23-17 Oregon Express, Dayton, OH
​Literary Squirrel, David Berry, and A Voice of Their Own 

10-17-17 South Park Tavern, Dayton, OH
The Head

10-28-17 Secret Halloween Show, Centerville, OH

11-5-17 Blind Bob's, Dayton, OH
Seth and the Carriers and Reverend Hylton

1-19-18 Oscar's, Vandalia, OH
Echo Mecca and Curse of Cassandra

2-10-18 South Park Tavern,  Dayton, OH

3-23-18 Jimmie's Ladder 11, Dayton, OH

Sidekick Complex and The Story Changes

5-5-18 Hannah's- Dayton, OH

​Zoo Trippin'

5-18-18 Peach's Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

Echo Mecca and RIND

5-20-18 Delaware Music and Arts Festival

Delaware, OH

5-9-18 South Park Tavern, Dayton, OH

​Literary Squirrel and Charlie Jackson

6-15-18 Hannah's, Dayton, OH

Sox N Sandles and Novagold

6-29-18 Urban Artifact, Cincinnati, OH

Kan'ten, Perfect Vagibond, and Zapruder Point

7-13-18 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH

Us, Today and Oh Condor

7-30-18 Stone Tavern, Kent, OH

Echo Mecca and Northcoast Shakedown

7-31-18 Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh, PA

Echo Mecca and The Halting Problem

8-1-18 Gold Sounds, Brooklyn, NY

Echo Mecca and Slalomville

8-2-18 The Press Club, Huntington, WV

Echo Mecca and Shenanigram

8-3-18 Adelphia, Marietta, OH

Echo Mecca

8-25-18 Yellow Cab Tavern, Dayton, OH

Hawthorne Heights, Crosley Court, You VS Yesterday, RIND

8-30-18 Solar Saloon, Delaware, OH

9-7-18 Frank N Stein's, Portsmouth, OH

Slow Glows and small disco

9-8-18 Peach's Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

Salvador Ross and  Discount Nostalgia

9-15-18 Howards Club H, Bowling Green, OH

ITEM, Discount Nostalgia, and Hot Love

9-22-18 South Park Tavern, Dayton, OH

small disco and The Platels

10-6-18 Blind Bob's, Dayton, OH​

SPECTRVMS and The Mad Hatter

10-20-18 Flying Pig Ale House, Delaware, OH

10-26-18 Stone Tavern, Kent, OH

FoxyBear and Berth

11-17-18 Hertzog Music, Cincinnati, OH

The Nautical Theme, Age Nowhere, and Team Void

11-30-18 Oscar's Bar, Vandalia, OH

The 1984 Draft and Discount Nostalgia

12-08-18 Frank N Steins, Portsmouth, OH

​Goatfudge and Viceroy Kings

1-12-19 South Park Tavern, Dayton, OH

​Echo Mecca

3-9-19 DATV

3-9-19 Blind Bobs, Dayton,OH

Black Signal and Founding Fathers

3-16-19 Oscar's Bar, Vandalia, OH

Sadbox, Bird Brain Breakfast, and AVOYO

​4-5-19 Peach's Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

Klashing Black

4-20-19 South Park Tavern, Dayton, OH

Klashing Black, Literary Squirrel

5-31-19 Urban Artifact, Cincinnati, OH

Slow Glows, Anna Applegate,  and Easy, Tiger

6-14-19 Hannah's, Dayton, OH

Dark Backward and Siren Suit

6-15-19 Peach's Grill, Yellow Springs, OH

Tornado Relief Show