"This Place" our first full length LP is dedicated in loving memory to Nigel Herbert, Cheryl Herbert, Nick Aycock and Jason Dryden. We love you.  GoodnightGoodnight would like to thank the following people for their continued support:

God, Duane Dow and Family,The Herbert Family, The Thornton Family, Eileen, Lilian, Emma, Abbi, Joseph's Heating and Air, Tyler, The Wessel Family, John Puckett, Joe Dittenhoffer, Hannah Wilson, Brooklyn Spurlock, Matthew Zalar, Oscars, Echo Mecca (Steph and Brad), The Story Changes (Mark and Poppy), Tyler Grant, Praey (Jeff, Nat, Bryan, and Charlie), Dr and Mrs J, WUDR, Your Tuesday Alternative ,WYSO, Tiffany Clark, Chris Weyrich, The Functional Citizens, The Feral Conservatives, Niki Dakota, Juliet Fromholt,  Terry IzzyRock Martin, Shaine, Dawn, GhettoBlaster Magazine, The Beach Shak, Tim White, Tim and Joe Anderl, Canal Public House, Blind Bob's, The Oregon Express, Gretchen Kelly, Hawthorne Heights, Del McDaniel, Dan, Shelly, Dan Simmons, Tim Berger, Gem City Podcast, Isaac Banks, Banks Radio, W937, Kim Weiss, Nathan Goeff, The Welty Family, The 1984 Draft, Tears of Olympus, Scarecrow Sideshow, Bribing Senators, Peach's and so many others.  It's been a crazy year, without you, it wouldn't have been so fun!